Monthly Archives: February 2017

Superior Chorus Performance Examples

Hi Team. On Wednesday during the warm up, I am going to ask you to prepare for our competition performance by watching what is possible in great performances. The Barbershop Harmony Society has posted all the performances from last year’s international competition and this includes all the choruses and all the quartets. This is an amazing opportunity to see what levels our brothers in harmony are taking to the stage. Just as sports teams study video of their opponents, we too should study how our art is being performed as a way to up our game. Here is the link to the chorus performances. Keep in mind:

  1. All ages make great performers
  2. All sizes of choruses make great performances
  3. All songs make great performances
  4. All levels of singers make great performers
  5. All kinds of songs make great performances

The common theme for these great performance is absolute intensity of the performing moment.

Watch as many of these videos as you can. Watch the faces, the bodies, the movement, the commitment, the intensity, the audacity, and the fun. Audiences thrive on this. We can motivate each other as a team as we move to a higher performance level. Let’s each one of us strive to bring our audiences phenomenal performances!