Monthly Archives: May 2016

Rehearsal 6/1

We will be working on:

  1. The Way You Look Tonight – For those of you who attended the New Performance Category class at our mini Harmony U, think back to the Fred Astaire video. For those who weren’t there, we will need to introduce you to the society’s new performance concepts. As a start, it has little to do how you move your hands or lower body.
  2. Drivin Me Crazy
  3. I’m Yours – Here’s the original video. Think hitch hiking, skateboarding, water fall jumping, surfing, beach parties – chill out. Dave Gaunt, let’s get a little drum. Maybe some Hawaiian shirts. Anybody play the ukulele?
  4. For the Longest Time – the original video is pretty cheesy. We might try something different.

Please do your Steph Curry warm up. In the warm up a few weeks ago I read the story of how he has an amazing warm up. Why? Because he wants to be at his top level when he gets on the court. Let’s try the same.

Mini Harmony University

At the Wednesday, May 25 rehearsal, Reno will hold its first Mini Harmony U. There will be four classes: Music Theory 101 The New Performance Category Singing Your Best How to Teach and Learn a Tag We will divide into small groups you will stay with your group as you rotate through the classes. Classes… Continue Reading