Announcements May 14

  1. Be ready for information about selling tickets to our Reno Aces performances on June 22 and July 20. This is a great opportunity to have fun at our local ball park with reduced price tickets. You will be asked to help sell tickets to your families and friends. This is a great way our chorus raises funds to help local schools. As a chorus members you will be asked to do your part to help. Tickets buyers will not only get to see Reno Aces baseball but also a performance by the legendary, Silver Dollar Chorus.
  2. For rehearsal on May 18, we will be working on Armed Forces Medley, Drivin Me Crazy, and The Way you Look Tonight. We will be doing sectionals on Drivin Me Crazy. For the rehearsal on May 25, we will be conducting a mini Harmony University with several classes. Your leadership wants to provide you a variety of learning opportunities. If we are learning as a chorus, we are growing.
  3.  If you are making calendar plans, please be sure to consult the SDC calendar on the members site. We know everyone has their family and work commitments, but we offer the calendar to help you plan, especially for our important chorus events.
  4. At rehearsal on May 18, you will see a new poster that will serve as a visual reminder of what it means to be a part of the Silver Dollar Chorus. You leadership has condensed our mission, vision, and responsibilities into some succinct points. It will provide all of us a compass for our participation.
  5. If you are still one of the last few who hasn’t responded whether you are going to the District Convention in October, please go now to the survey and let us know. You can also see the new post on this site with information about the fall competition.
  6. Finally, here’s a video of the week to see another example of a modern pop performer. The idea here is only to expose us to what a large segment of the population (and potential new chorus members) see.  Notice the intensity in the body and facial expressions. What does this have to do with barbershop? Please read the article on performance in the current issue of the Harmonizer. It helps put something like this video into the perspective of our art form. Besides, there are some great male harmonies in this song. This is a Civil War reenactment, and it does have war scenes.


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