Monthly Archives: April 2016

Announcements April 29

  1. Please reserve June 22 and July 20 for singing at the Reno Aces. New member Sam Hardt is working with the Aces to secure one or both of these dates. Both are Wednesdays. This is a great fundraiser for the chorus.
  2. Please reserve Saturday, December 17 to sing the national anthem and other songs at the opening of the Winter Festival  at Squaw Valley. On Sunday, December 18, we will send an octet to perform. Tryouts for the octet will be announced. Jeff Healion is working on this event. This is a lucrative fundraiser for the chorus.
  3. Please reserve September 10 for our annual show, Reno Sings Under the Stars at Bartley Ranch. Show team lead John Hill and his team are busy already conducting the many hours of planning. This is an important event for the chorus and for the other organizations involved.
  4. All these dates and more are on the Chorus calendar on the members site.
  5. If you are one of the very last few who hasn’t responded whether you are going to the District Convention and Competition in October, you must let us know. The survey is on this members site on the new post with information about the fall competition.
  6. We invite you to explore this members site. Joe Young has done a lot of work to make it a place for you to get information. In addition to our announcements and information, you’ll find a list of all your chorus leaders, information about the uniform, recruitment posters to print and display at your office or social hangouts, links to important sites, and soon, a chorus roster.
  7. Our sisters in Harmony, High Desert Harmony, are holding a dress rehearsal Monday May 2, 7:00 PM at the Premier Residence on 3201 Plumas to prepare for their upcoming spring contest here in Reno. Map. This is where we used to rehearse.
  8. Our sisters in Harmony are also looking for help to load risers on Wednesday, May 11 starting at 4:00 PM. Please see Dave Ramer if you can help. This is in addition to the crew that is helping set up and take down the riser shells on May 11 and May 14. Jeff Healion is leading that crew.
  9. Here’s a video of the week to watch to get an idea of what a performer does to communicate a song with mostly their face and eyes. This is Shakira singing the new hit song from the current movie, Zootopia. Enjoy the animation, but study the shots of Shakira as she changes her face and eyes. If you are wondering why we’d watch a modern entertainer like Shakira, read the great article in the current Harmonizer magazine by Donny Rose who helps us understand how to connect better with modern audiences who may then also want to come sing with us.

Music Listening Resources

In the warm up last week, we discussed listening Barbershop music as a training opportunity. Listen carefully for phrasing, breathing, pronunciation, and storytelling as a way to boost your own skills. Please see if you can find some time in the next several weeks to listen to some barbershop with learning analysis in mind. Below are… Continue Reading