Music Listening Resources

In the warm up last week, we discussed listening Barbershop music as a training opportunity. Listen carefully for phrasing, breathing, pronunciation, and storytelling as a way to boost your own skills. Please see if you can find some time in the next several weeks to listen to some barbershop with learning analysis in mind.

Below are some of the many resources where you can listen to high level barbershop and other great a cappella music. On these sites, you can search for quartets or choruses. Click the links to go to the sites. – This is the main society website which provides lots of videos of quartets and choruses. – This is the society’s YouTube channel with hundreds of videos of quartets and choruses. – Internet radio which provides free streaming with several barbershop channels. If you create an account, you can create your own channels. Search for barbershop or individual quartets and choruses. You can also listen to all your other favorite non-barbershop music! – Another free internet streaming source. Once you create an account, you’ll have access to lots of music.

ITunes – Same as above. You can also buy music for downloading.

Acaville – Live streaming a cappella music.

Radio Net – A cappella and barbershop

Radionomy – Has a barbershop station. – Has a bunch of barbershop stations – Streaming service with several barbershop stations – A phenomenal new resource of more than 2,700 tags – most with tracks and music and some with amazing videos.

Amazon Prime – If you are an Amazon Prime member, you’ll find lots of barbershop quartets to listen to.

LiveWire – While not a dedicated source for just music, this newsletter from the society usually always has links to listening to great music – and not always just barbershop!

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