Monthly Archives: February 2016

Special Intro for Drivin Me Crazy

Drivin' Me Crazy VerseThe legendary society singer and writer, Paul Olguin, has written an intro specially for the Reno chorus for Drivin Me Crazy. We will pass it out at rehearsal and begin working on it. In the meantime, you can look at it and print it out for your use if you’d like. The intro sets up this scene: She’s sweet like the “girl next door” but she’s super hot and that’s why she’s drivin’ me crazy!

Updated Repertoire 22 Feb 16

CURRENT REPERTOIRE as of 22 February 2016 NOTE: The Repertoire is a list of songs that Chorus members should know and be able to competently perform in public with little notice or rehearsal. The Chorus will also work on songs outside this basic repertoire. The Repertoire will be updated every few months. PERMANENT REPERTOIRE The… Continue Reading

Calendar Dates Added

Your board held a calendar planning session to continuing mapping out the year to help everyone plan ahead. The chorus calendar on the members site is an easy place to see what events are coming up and what events to plan for the year. Check out the calendar at this link. Recently added events. Some of these… Continue Reading

New Learning Tracks Posted

Star Spangled Banner A little bird (named Dennis Doty) pointed out the the Start Spangled Banner did not have learning tracks posted. I have remedied that shortsight. Thanks Dennis! It’s a home-grown learning track from many years ago, and I believe there are two International experienced basses singing, one on top, and one on the… Continue Reading