New Learning Tracks Posted

Star Spangled Banner

A little bird (named Dennis Doty) pointed out the the Start Spangled Banner did not have learning tracks posted. I have remedied that shortsight. Thanks Dennis! It’s a home-grown learning track from many years ago, and I believe there are two International experienced basses singing, one on top, and one on the bottom. Can anyone name them? I am guessing some of our members can probably name all four voices.

The Way You Look Tonight

I’ve also posted some interesting tracks for The Way You Look Tonight. We had some comments that the three non-predominant parts were too quiet to hear. Bill Stephens to the rescue, and we now have a new mix from him with the chorus full volume on the right, and your part full volume left. Works best with headphones.  Thank Bill when you see him for applying his magic.

I kept the old mix up there, and labeled them “Solo Tracks.” These work well when you are just learning your notes, and may not have headphones at hand.

We also got a different kind of track, which I have posted as “Support Tracks.”  These are mixes with the other three parts, and your missing entirely.  We got these from Westminster, and this might be a part of their secret sauce.  You need to know your part dead-cold before graduate to these.  When you do, its a lot of fun!

4 Responses to New Learning Tracks Posted

  1. The basses are Mike Stewart and Cory Hunt, however, Cory sings tenor on these tracks, I believe the lead is Rick Eisenhart and the bari is Dave Brown. Had e not listened to the tracks in a long time so the lead could possibly be Lauren House. Bill K