Monthly Archives: October 2016

Reno Big Horns 11/19

Sam has arranged for the great SDC to sing the national anthem at the opening game for the Reno Bighorns basketball team on November 19th at 7:00 pm. This will be a great social event for us with the opportunity to sing before a huge crowd and raise funds for the chapter to help out our philanthropic missions.

  • Each singer will need his own ticket
  • Sell additional tickets to friends and family
  • Tickets cost $10 each
  • Our chorus keeps $5 for every ticket we sell
  • Tickets should only be purchased through our own portal at this link
  • We have to cover the cost of a minimum of 50 tickets
  • Purchase now
  • The game is likely to sell out quickly
  • If you have questions, contact Sam at 775-230-0580 or [email protected]
  • Be a part of this great event
  • We will meet at 6:00 at the Reno Events Center
  • Visit the Reno Big Horns site for additional information on the team
  • Uniform will be long sleeve maroon shirts, black pants and shoes
  • Thanks Sam


Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!

In the classic scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere, the candlestick, invites Belle to enjoy the fabulous talents of the kitchen serving team. He is so proud. The Silver Dollar Chorus has a group of talented singers and we should be equally proud to invite guests to visit and see what we do. Our upcoming community performances… Continue Reading

Far Western District Convention Experience

Our Reno team has just returned from an outstanding weekend at the Far Western District Convention and Contest. Our Barbershop hobby reaches its zenith at these events when guys gather from many states to rekindle friendships, perform, compete, learn, make new friends, do barbershop business, and see world class entertainment. I’m on such a high… Continue Reading

Chorus Leadership Elections

In case you missed the first blog in August, the chorus is electing officers for the 2017 board of directors. According to our bylaws, our new 2017 board must be elected by October 15. We had originally scheduled the election for October 5, but due to a scarcity of candidates, we have moved the election… Continue Reading