Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!

In the classic scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere, the candlestick, invites Belle to enjoy the fabulous talents of the kitchen serving team. He is so proud. The Silver Dollar Chorus has a group of talented singers and we should be equally proud to invite guests to visit and see what we do. Our upcoming community performances are perfect opportunities for a guest to get involved with our chorus. If you’ve been talking with a friend or acquaintance about visiting, now is a splendid time to invite them. We have been hired by Squaw Valley for a large sum of money to open the Squaw Valley Village Christmas celebration and their team is preparing a lavish production of which we will be a focus. Right now we don’t have a big group going to sing so we would like to bolster our numbers to a level they were expecting. Members who have been taking a hiatus, we would love to have you come sing for this event on December 17th. And all of us, please think proudly like Lumiere and invite someone to be our guest, be our guest! Guests will not need to learn all the music we are working on. We will coordinate their needing to learn just a few songs.

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