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Vic Yen

Originally from Berkeley, our friend Vic grew up in Vallejo and graduated high school there. His family
was in the restaurant business, and the skills he acquired there were later to come into use. Meanwhile, he went to work at IBM in the early 60’s, doing data processing in the old “punch-card” style (before the
modern computer era), and in 1964 he joined the service and spent 3 years serving our country in the Army.

In 1969 he moved to Lake Tahoe, and lived there for nearly 40 years. He started out at Harrah’s (“Bill Harrah was a wonderful man to work for. He treated us like we were family”.). He later went to MGM, and went to school to become a chef. He found this vocation to his liking, and went to France further develop his culinary skills at LaVarenne. He came home with a Grand Diploma in French cuisine. He also found an American
Church in Paris, and sang in the choir!

He learned his trade well, and did quite well with his own catering business. He has also run a Chinese restaurant with his mom, and has helped friends open restaurants in San Francisco and Connecticut. He relocated to Reno a few short years ago.

Vic learned piano as a child, and in high school sang in the choir. They were good enough to be picked as one of the choirs to help open the 1960 Winter Olympics, and he and his classmates sang at the Opening Ceremonies. Also, during his Army service, he was stationed where there was a church choir. They were in need of an organist, and Vic fulfilled that role while directing as well.

Vic was introduced to Barbershop in 2007, and sang with the Chorus of the Comstock in Carson City. When the American River Chorus formed in 2010, he was invited to join, and has been a member ever since, and has performed at International. He has been a frequent guest to our rehearsals, and is now officially a member of the SDC.

Although Vic has never had a family of his own, his brother has 2 children, which gave him a niece and nephew to spoil. They all have careers in law enforcement.

Bill Stephens

Bill’s musical career started at the age of 7 years when he started taking accordion lessons. He also sang in his church’s youth choir. When in 6th grade, he took up the cello for four years, and took piano and organ lessons as well. In 10th grade, he changed his focus to full-time chorus singing… Continue Reading

Dave Galloway

Dave grew up in Sparta, New Jersey and later lived in NYC. He attended Paul Smith College in Saranac, NY, and came away with a degree in hotel and restaurant management. 1970 found him in Las Vegas, where he played a major role in opening the original MGM Grand (now Bally’s), which at the time… Continue Reading

“Pete” Dwight Martens

Born in 1952, Pete never liked his real first name – Dwight, named after Dwight Eisenhower’s election. As a toddler, his family would call him Dwight, and he would not respond. One day his grandfather called him “Petey” (the dog in Our Gang) and it stuck. “Petey” , like the dog, enjoyed people, and developed… Continue Reading

Steve Shurtliff

Steve grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. At age 8 his mother took him to see the Benny Goodman story and he just had to play clarinet. His parents were very supportive of his musical desires and has played clarinet, saxophone, guitar and bass guitar in school bands and other bands. Starting in… Continue Reading