Dave Galloway

Dave grew up in Sparta, New Jersey and later lived in NYC. He attended Paul Smith College in Saranac, NY, and came away with a degree in hotel and restaurant management. 1970 found him in Las Vegas, where he played a
major role in opening the original MGM Grand (now Bally’s), which at the time was the largest hotel-casino in Vegas. MGM later brought him up here to Reno to be VP of hotel operations.

While working at MGM, a pretty co-worker named Linda caught his eye, and they were married in 1984. In 1988 they went out on their own and started Instant Sign Center, where they made a wide variety of signs for businesses in the area. They ran this business successfully for nearly 20 years, until they sold it in 2007.

Dave has been involved with Big Brothers of America for 11 years (most of you will remember Brandon, who spent some time on the risers with us).

He and Linda have 3 children and are expecting their 3rd grandchild in July. His younger son Chris sang in the chorus for a while before forming his own punk-rock band.

Dave has always enjoyed singing, and sang in several groups in high school. In 1984, he was introduced to the SDC by Sam Barger, and has been a fixture ever since. He has sung both lead and bass, held several board positions (including president) and been a show chairman. His soft-spoken steadiness has provided a
rudder for our group for many years, and may he continue to do so for many years to come.

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