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Chorus Announcements 7/31

  1. We do not have a firm location for Wednesday’s, August 3 rehearsal. We have one excellent place we are trying to secure but will not know until Monday. Please look for an email regarding Wednesday’s rehearsal sometime on Monday.
  2. The board met again on Friday evening to continue work on logistics for rehearsals and upcoming events. The show, under the leadership of John Hill is progressing very well. There will be lots of great talent and the chorus will be holding a fantastic afterglow. More details coming from John and his team. Please thank John when you see him for all the hard work he and his team are doing. Part of the afterglow possibility is due to the work Sam Hardt did with fund raising for the Aces games. Please thank Sam when you get a chance.
  3. The board is working on a solid rehearsal location so that we do not have to move frequently. This is important for supporting guests and for quality show preparation. Board members are working with several possible locations and we will keep you posted.
  4. The music and show teams will have a finalized list of songs for the show early this week. The teams are adjusting the song list in accordance with our capabilities and needs of the show.
  5. Bill Stephens has stepped up to help prepare the chorus for the show. Bill has a music degree and began his career as part of a famous military traveling band. He has taken on a big challenge to lead us. His and our our success will depend on open minds to a new directing style and our pure support of him for this challenge. Thank you Bill. This is a tremendous show of support for the chorus by Bill.
  6. Many of you have asked what you can do to support Bill W. There is something you may be able to do. Bill is burdened by a new financial strain so there would be no better time than now to sign up for singing lessons. New students will help him tremendously. Please consider calling Bill and signing up for a few lessons. He charges $35 for a half hour. Bill agreed that he would gladly welcome new students from the chorus. What a great way to prepare for the show while working on your show music with him. I’ve just signed up for some lessons. A couple of you already take his lessons. If you are able to do this, this would be a great show of support. During your lessons, please keep focused on musical matters.
  7. Thank you everybody who supported the chorus last Wednesday at our gathering. We look forward to everyone’s continued support as we prepare for the show. Dig deep in your singing commitment to the Silver Dollar Chorus!
  8. The High Sierra Harmony Brigade takes place August 26-28 right here in Reno. Members of the Reno chorus are planning, organizing, and conducting the weekend. We also have quite a few members singing in this high profile, internationally attended event. Don’t miss the chance to hear the “Hundred Man Chorus” as well as the current district champs, Flightline, and several excellent regional quartets. It is a great weekend of extreme quarteting. Please see David Queen or Jeff Healion about tickets for the Saturday, August 27, awesome show.

Important Chorus Announcements 7/24

The chorus meeting this Wednesday, July 27, will be at Dave Galloway’s church, The Center for Spiritual Living, 4685 Lakeside Dr. Reno, 89509. Map. All members are encouraged to attend to hear important information about upcoming chorus events. This will not be a singing rehearsal. Non-member guests should not attend. We will not be visiting the High… Continue Reading

Important Chorus Announcement 7/22

Today, July 22, the Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Bill Weiser as director of the Silver Dollar Chorus. All members are encouraged to attend an information meeting this Wednesday, July 27, where the board will present important information about chorus activities. This will not be a singing rehearsal. We will begin at 7:00.… Continue Reading

A Note from the Treasurer

Greetings Silver Dollars! We are rolling out a new communications mechanism, where posts on our Website will automatically send an email to everyone on the Google Groups list.  You will be able to see a part of the message in the email, and by clicking on the links in the email, you’ll also have options… Continue Reading