Monthly Archives: January 2016

Reno Midwinter Yellow Shirt Volunteer Team Very Strong

The yellow shirted volunteers from Reno are running the Midwinter convention like a European train station. Reno chorus’s Ken Martin has brought his seasoned experience from other international events and is leading the enthusiastic volunteer team. So many of the chorus members, their wives, and friends have been playing pivotal roles in the success. Dennis Doty today  was keeping the youth chorus traffic flowing. Bill Stephens was ensuring the back stage operations were on time. Art Carabio led a big team to get all the risers in place. Lots of chorus and family members have been ushering and manning the registration. Several of our great friends from High Desert Harmony have been helping out too (let’s help them at their next event). Sam Barger is everywhere all the time. Bill Weiser guided the Westminster Chorus and several international quartets to numerous local high schools today. Wow how lucky those kids were. There are too many names to mention of those who have been putting in their time to help at this great event which is also an important fund raiser for the chorus. What a success already.

It’s also a learning event to see what the new face of barbershop looks and sounds like. If you haven’t been to the Peppermill, you still have time to see some of the events. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to see what our society offers the world. It’s big and it’s growing fast. Have you every seen an impeccable chorus from China sing barbershop? You can tonight. Have you ever seen the Westminster Chorus. You can tonight. Have you ever seen nine boys ages 7-12  sing and dance barbershop and whoop the crowd to their feet in a frenzy. You can tonight. It’s all there within minutes from your house. See you at the Peppermill.

First Contests at Mid Winter Feature Reno Victories

The first contests at the Mid-Winter International Convention have finished and Reno was the dominant force. In the Harmony Platoon event, a quartet featuring Reno’s Steve Shurtliff, David Queen, and Jeff Healion captured the first place title in the Wednesday session. Then, Reno’s own multiple part star, Donnie Miller, led a quartet with members from around… Continue Reading

New Board Starting Off the Year

Your new Board of Directors has already held two meetings in January to discuss the busy year ahead. Some of the current hot topics are: The successful launch of the new chorus communication platform Approving budgets for each department head. We are fiscally strong and we need to make sure we stay that way through careful… Continue Reading