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April 2 Contest Castro Valley Update

Here’s our schedule:

  • 9:30 Arrive and take care of your registration (Theater Front Entrance)
  • 10:00 Dressing Room. (Back of facility. Use theater back entrance to reach dressing room to avoid stage flow congestion)
  • 10:20 Tent 1 (Back of facility in parking lot)
  • 10:40 Green Room (Back of facility next to dressing room)
  • 11:00 Back stage
  • 11:05 On Stage Singing at 100% Level
  • 1:45 or 2:50 Evaluation

Below are helpful documents:

229 miles from Reno. 3.5 hours without traffic. Saturday morning should not have traffic. Here’s a map.

You can find general information at this link.

All singers musts register. Registration is now $60 online and $65 at the door.

Singers should register online at this link.

After we sing, we have a judging review. The first evaluation begins at 1:45. The second session begins at 2:50. The administrators will announce our session. Please stay for this expert feedback.

For those of you staying over, the host quartet recommends the Holiday Inn Express at 510-538-5757 and the Comfort Inn at 855-849-1513. A search on and other travel site suggests room rates from $80 to $176.

The chorus competition runs from 10:30 to 4:00. Quartet competition runs from 5:30 to 8:30 with an afterglow from 8:30 to 11:30.

Reno has two quartets.

Songs: Drivin Me Crazy and I Have Dreamed.

Ron Black Coaching Session 3/16/16

We had a great session with Ron Black from VoCal in Sacramento. Ron is a faculty member of Harmony University. It is important that we practice and incorporate the tools Ron shared with us. We’ve created a collaborative document with a review of the important concepts. Please feel free to add things that you learned. You… Continue Reading