Ron Black Coaching Session 3/16/16

We had a great session with Ron Black from VoCal in Sacramento. Ron is a faculty member of Harmony University. It is important that we practice and incorporate the tools Ron shared with us. We’ve created a collaborative document with a review of the important concepts. Please feel free to add things that you learned. You can write in the document on your screen. This will help all of us share the learning experience. Visit the document here.

It is also important that we start the next rehearsal at the same level we finished. And that is doctrine for each rehearsal. Better every time!

3 Responses to Ron Black Coaching Session 3/16/16

    • Hi John. This is a living document for everyone to participate and share their learning experience. It isn’t meant to be emailed as a static document with just my input. I just started the notes with what I remembered from the evening. Everybody else can add what they learned. Thanks, Jeff.

  1. John (and all),

    I think that the link initially provided did require specific permissions. I have changed, and it should work now. Please try and let me know if any issues.

    It’s actually very cool when it’s working. Anyone can not only view, but add their own additional thoughts. What Jeff is trying to do here is have the chorus collaborate to create a document that truly reflects what we as a group learned, and will try to bring forward.