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Survey Results – Repertoire

I got time to post a quick note about how the membership rated the repertoire, song-by-song.  Like most of the survey questions, we had a lot of opinions, but there are definitely trends that are interesting to see.

Of the fourteen songs in our current repertoire, only three of them are not #1 on at least one member’s list.  And every song had at least one “top 3” vote.  I also saw comments from folks stating that it was hard to rank them, as they love to sing them all.

Using a similar weighted scoring system to the last time (for priorities), here are the results.


One thing that jumps out at me is that the tunes we classify as Ballads and Up-Tempo dominate the top of the rankings, while Inspirational and Patriotic tend to be lower.  Any theories on why this is?

IMPORTANT: Rehearsal Location Change

We are moving our rehearsals on the next two Wednesday nights to a better facility: Fascinating Rhythm Dance Studio at 9736 S Virginia, Suite #E. Air conditioned and has lots of mirrors to help us see what we look like as we emote 🙂 Directions Google Map Link FROM THE NORTH Going South on Virginia,… Continue Reading

Survey Results – Priorities

Thanks to all members who took the time to provide their input for the future of the Silver Dollar Chorus.  We got a lot of excellent information, and I’d like to start sharing some of with you all.  We’ll probably spend at least some time on this when we have our after-show meeting, but I… Continue Reading

A Note from the Treasurer

Greetings Silver Dollars! We are rolling out a new communications mechanism, where posts on our Website will automatically send an email to everyone on the Google Groups list.  You will be able to see a part of the message in the email, and by clicking on the links in the email, you’ll also have options… Continue Reading