Mini Harmony University

At the Wednesday, May 25 rehearsal, Reno will hold its first Mini Harmony U. There will be four classes:

  1. Music Theory 101
  2. The New Performance Category
  3. Singing Your Best
  4. How to Teach and Learn a Tag

We will divide into small groups you will stay with your group as you rotate through the classes. Classes will last 30 minutes.

This is an invitation to all chorus members (active and not active) and guests to join us.

We know that there are many levels of knowledge in our group, but we hope everyone will be able to learn something new and have some fun with something different!

The real, big Harmony University takes place each year in Nashville. For more information, visit the Barbershop Harmony site. Those who have gone, say it’s a top experience of their lifetime. Last year, the whole VoCal chorus went from Sacramento. Our own Vic Yen was part of that group. Ask him about his experience.

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