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April 2 Contest Castro Valley Update

Here’s our schedule: 9:30 Arrive and take care of your registration (Theater Front Entrance) 10:00 Dressing Room. (Back of facility. Use theater back entrance to reach dressing room to avoid stage flow congestion) 10:20 Tent 1 (Back of facility in parking lot) 10:40 Green Room (Back of facility next to dressing room) 11:00 Back stage 11:05… Continue Reading

Reno Midwinter Yellow Shirt Volunteer Team Very Strong

The yellow shirted volunteers from Reno are running the Midwinter convention like a European train station. Reno chorus’s Ken Martin has brought his seasoned experience from other international events and is leading the enthusiastic volunteer team. So many of the chorus members, their wives, and friends have been playing pivotal roles in the success. Dennis Doty today… Continue Reading