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SDC Quartet Argenta

Your section leaders represented our chorus well at the Division contest. Best of all, they had a blast and you can see it in their delivery. So much fun awaits you with a quartet. It’s a part of barbershopping that you shouldn’t miss. Find three other guys and get singing today! Continue Reading

Superior Chorus Performance Examples

Hi Team. On Wednesday during the warm up, I am going to ask you to prepare for our competition performance by watching what is possible in great performances. The Barbershop Harmony Society has posted all the performances from last year’s international competition and this includes all the choruses and all the quartets. This is an amazing… Continue Reading

Midwinter Awesome Videos

Our society just finished its Midwinter Convention. As always, there was a tremendous amount of energy and talent, especially with the Youth Chorus Festival. Please take some time to experience the energy and momentum of our society by watching some of the performances from San Antonio. The energy from these events can do a lot… Continue Reading

SDC Supports FWD Youth Chorus

We should all be proud that our chorus is a sponsor of the Far Western District Youth Chorus festival taking place this week in San Antonio. Our chorus and several other choruses and quartets in our district raised $10,000 to support this great event. We are fortunate that the events we take part in during the year… Continue Reading