SDC Supports FWD Youth Chorus

We should all be proud that our chorus is a sponsor of the Far Western District Youth Chorus festival taking place this week in San Antonio. Our chorus and several other choruses and quartets in our district raised $10,000 to support this great event. We are fortunate that the events we take part in during the year enable us to help organizations and events such as the Jessica Ann Faber Foundation, the Kiwanis, the Washoe County School District, and the Youth Chorus Festival. Below is the the thank you letter from the district acknowledging our support. Well done SDC!

Dear Far Western District Members,

We are happy to report that, together, we have reached the goal of $10,000 for the Far Western District Sponsorship of the Youth Chorus Festival this coming week in San Antonio. 

This would not have been possible without the generosity of so many of you. When the district made it known in October that the district itself could no longer fulfill this pledge with its own funds, 24 chapters, 1 quartet and 4 individuals stepped up over the past 12 weeks in order to meet the goal. 

It is safe to say that we are stronger and better together. This event next week will mark the largest Youth Chorus Festival held to date, with twenty choruses that will include a powerful experience for nearly 800 young people, including FIVE ensembles from the Far Western District. 

Those ensembles include your very own Boomtown Chorus (Santa Fe Springs Chapter), Carol of the Belles (University of La Verne); the Treblemakers and Men’s Choir from Chandler HS (Chandler, AZ); and the Sounds of the Mouth Women’s Ensemble (Mesa, AZ). 

We encourage you to see the fruits of your efforts by watching the Youth Chorus Festival on the Midwinter Convention Webcast. This festival, and our efforts to share the gift of our music with music educators and young musicians throughout the nation, would simply not be possible without the many who have sponsored this event. You may order the webcast by CLICKING HERE to catch many of the events throughout the week in San Antonio.  

Thank you to each of the following contributors to the Far Western District Sponsorship:

Stockton Chapter
Tune Struck Qtet (Stockton Chapter)
San Mateo Chapter
Orange County Quartet Chapter
Bakersfield Chapter
Westminster Chorus
Santa Fe Springs Chapter (MoH)
San Diego Chapter
Las Vegas Chapter
Palo Alto Chapter
Sedona Chapter
Apple Valley Chapter
Hemet Chapter
Santa Monica Chapter
Reno Chapter
Visalia Chapter
South Orange County Chapter
Santa Clarita Chapter
Chico Chapter
Salt River Valley Chapter
LaJolla Chapter
South Bay Chapter
San Jose Chapter
Sounds of Aloha Chapter

As mentioned, a few individuals also contributed to this effort, including a matching gift from John and Sharon Miller.

Thank you all for your consideration! 

Proud to be FWD!


Robert Rund and Gordon ‘Mongo’ Bergthold

Robert Rund

Regional Director, Harmony Foundation   

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