Chorus Dark for Two Weeks

The chorus will not meet for the next two weeks – September 14 and 21. Please read entire post on members site.

We have just finished a masterful show, and by all accounts it was one of the best shows the Silver Dollar Chorus has ever produced. This was an extreme effort by John Hill and his show team. The huge efforts by many shouldn’t be overlooked. Any list may not fully convey the work by all those who stepped up but these individuals should be called out:

  1. John Hill – Show Team Lead and master organizer
  2. Dave Galloway – John’s right hand man and our chorus ambassador and host for The Newfangled Four
  3. Sam Hardt – the new guy who steps up to take on the program, tickets, and more
  4. Joe Young -another close supporter for John Hill and kept track of finances and website
  5. Dave Clark – always ready to share his truck and trailer for risers
  6. Richard Ketring – now famous script writer, musician, and multi purpose helper
  7. Bill Stephens – our new stellar director who stepped up to lead us
  8. Pete Martens – for supporting John Hill with advice and counsel
  9. All of you who accommodated different rehearsal locations, adapted to a new director, and put on a great and entertaining show

Due to the tireless efforts, many of us are now very tired so the chorus will take a well deserved and needed two week break. We will not meet for the next two weeks – September 14 and 21. In the coming days, we will put out another blog outlining some of the key issues that still need to be sorted out for the rest of the year. These include directorship, meeting location, and performances. With the intensity of the show preparations of the last month occupying much of our efforts, this break will give the leadership important time to work on these issues.

Thanks and enjoy the time with your families and friends.

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