Quartet Plan Q1

Do you want more rehearsal fun? Don’t we all want better chorus singing? Shouldn’t we work at the preservation of Q in SPEBSQSA. What’s the core of our hobby? The common denominator is more quarteting. As you’ve seen this year, we are now getting in great quarteting at each rehearsal and we are going to continue. Over the next couple of months, here’s the plan:

  1. If you are in a quartet or want to form one, you’ll have the half hour at rehearsal each week to practice with your foursome and receive coaching, recording, filming, and feedback. What a great way to improve. We want to encourage several quartets to participate in the April division contest.
  2. If you would rather take a slower start, Bill Keuhn is going to lead a program of learning some barbershop polecats. You’ll be able to learn a few and then sing them at conventions and with other society members.
  3. You can take the real slow way and not participate in either, but we sure think you’d be missing one of the basic elements and joys of our hobby. So climb on board with one of the first two options.

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