SDC Supports School District

In keeping with one of our main missions of supporting youth music, the chorus is proud to announce that it is presenting the Washoe County School District with a check for $1,000. The chorus has established a strong relationship through Julye Neel, the district’s music supervisor. The chorus financial support was made in conjunction with the recent district honor choir concerts at the Pioneer Theater. Our director Bill Stephens attended the concerts and visited with Julye. The Silver Dollar Chorus was featured in the concert program as a major financial supporter of the concert. The district is looking forward to a continued relationship with the chorus.

Thank you to all the members who help raise funds through our concerts and events. The work we do supports arts in the community, especially for the youth. We should all be proud of our work. This is also a opportunity to remind members that this work is an integral part of our commitment to being a part of this chorus. Our next three concerts in December (December 10, 17, and 18) are important segments of this work and we expect all committed members to support these efforts to the supreme degree they are able. Together we bring music to the community and enrich our own lives at the same time.

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