Announcements 6/11

  1. The chorus will be rehearsing at the Sparks Marina rotunda this Wednesday, June 15. Rehearsal will start at 7:00. Come have fun singing in a cool location. Here’s a map. The rotunda is hard to miss. It’s on the little peninsula near the beach. Use the main parking lot on Howard Drive. We will be working on I Will Go Sailing (on the Marina), For the Longest Time, I’m Yours, Drivin’ Me Crazy, and the National Anthem. Afterwards, we’ll head over to Pizza Plus in the Ironhorse shopping center on 519 E Prater Way for some food and fun. Map.
  2. We handed out the new song, The Rhythm of Love, on June 8. Chorus members have three weeks to learn the song and be off the music. By June 29, any member that needs to use music will be asked to sing off the risers. The chorus will make its best progress if we learn at the level of the best prepared singers.  It’s a fun summer song. Take a look at the original video. This song was a Brigade song last year and was voted back by members for a second year!
  3. One of our new members, Sam Hardt, is coordinating the Aces ball games, June 22 and July 20. These events serve as fantastic exposure (our biggest audiences of the year), fund raisers, and great social events for our chorus. How can you beat it. In the spirit of baseball, we are asking chorus team members to step up to bat and help sell tickets. We’d like everyone to hit a home run and sell a bunch, but we know not everyone will knock it out of the park. If you aren’t able to sell tickets, maybe you can help collect them at the gate. Everybody should participate in some way though. It’s a team. You’ll hear more from Sam.
  4. There is now a sign up sheet on the white board at Reno High for those of you who haven’t responded to the online survey about the District Convention in October. For more information at the event, see our post.

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