Announcements 6/3

  1. Get ready to play ball! The chorus will be singing the national anthem and maybe more at the Reno Aces games on June 22 and July 20. These are Wednesday nights, so make every effort possible to be there to sing with us. These will be our biggest audiences of the year – several thousand at each event. These will also be big fund raisers……if you help sell tickets. Sam Hardt will have tickets and information at the rehearsal on 6/8. If each one of us sells just a few tickets, the chorus will make a considerable profit. And everybody wants to go to a fun, summertime baseball game!
  2. The chorus will be rehearsing at the Sparks Marina rotunda on June 15. Regular rehearsal time beginning at 7:00. Come have fun singing in a cool location. Here’s a map. The rotunda is hard to miss. It’s on the little peninsula near the beach.
  3. The chorus received a generous donation from the Sweet Adelines International for our help with the risers for their recent district competition. Thank you to Ryan Huff, Dave Clark, David Queen, Dave Gaunt, Steve Shirliff, and Jeff Healion.
  4. The chorus received a very generous donation from the Barbershop Harmony Society for the chorus’ help at the Mid Winter convention. Special thanks to Ken Marin and all of you who help volunteer. This was the biggest revenue generator in the chorus’ history.
  5. The chorus received a generous donation from the Barbershop Harmony Foundation for contributions made by individual chorus members. Special thanks go to Sam Barger, Norm Carlson, Norm Howard, Ken and Scarlett Martin, Jeff Menicucci, David Queen, and Joe and Katherine Young. To see the nice letter from the foundation, click here.
  6. John Hill and his show team have been working hard on our Reno Sings Under the Stars III September 10 show. John mentioned the grant that he has applied for to help offset show costs. He and his team are working hard to make a memorable show. Make every effort to be a part of this evening.
  7. The chorus is making plans for the fall convention in Riverside, October 13-16. Please see our post with important information.
  8. For a great quartet experience, consider participating in Harmony Platoon at the fall convention. You learn four songs and then have a fun competition with other participants. Challenge yourself and you’ll be rewarded. This is a great event even if you’ve never sung in a quartet before. Here’s a link to the information.
  9. At the rehearsal on June 8, we will hand out a new song – The Rhythm of Love. It’s a fun summer song. Take a look at the original video. We’ll give everyone three weeks to learn it, but you’ll probably want to learn it in two! This is one of the society’s newest arrangements. Also at rehearsal we’ll be working on the National Anthem, I Will Go Sailing, and The Way You Look Tonight.
  10. Being a part of this chorus means being part of a fun, vibrant, and active organization. It’s way better than singing alone at home. Invite new singers to join our group.

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