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Mini Harmony University

At the Wednesday, May 25 rehearsal, Reno will hold its first Mini Harmony U. There will be four classes: Music Theory 101 The New Performance Category Singing Your Best How to Teach and Learn a Tag We will divide into small groups you will stay with your group as you rotate through the classes. Classes… Continue Reading

Music Listening Resources

In the warm up last week, we discussed listening Barbershop music as a training opportunity. Listen carefully for phrasing, breathing, pronunciation, and storytelling as a way to boost your own skills. Please see if you can find some time in the next several weeks to listen to some barbershop with learning analysis in mind. Below are… Continue Reading

Ron Black Coaching Session 3/16/16

We had a great session with Ron Black from VoCal in Sacramento. Ron is a faculty member of Harmony University. It is important that we practice and incorporate the tools Ron shared with us. We’ve created a collaborative document with a review of the important concepts. Please feel free to add things that you learned. You… Continue Reading